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Tarovision Enterprises Ltd is one of the leading companies in the field of formation, management, establishment and administration of companies in Cyprus.

We have a professional staff of Tax Consultants, Lawyers and Notaries, also have relationships with the major banks operating in Cyprus and the rest of the world.

Our staff is fluent in English, Russian, Italian, Greek and Chinese and this ensures the management of your application with much more efficency. We offer to our customers competitive prices with excellent service about the formation of a Cyprus company. Our policy is to provide a professional company's incorporation service, qualified accounting and consultancy to our customers.
The formation of a cyprus company it's cheap and simple with us and we offer a full range of services for keep your cyprus company in good standing. We offer a professional service for the formation and the administration of your company in Cyprus.

Cyprus is the European country with the lowest tax rate, also participates in the VIES system and can freely trade and work with all the countries of the European Community. The legislation divides the companies residents, that are subject to tax on all income produced in the world (worldwide taxation), and non-residents are taxed only on the income of Cypriot origin.

For corporate income tax, the tax rate is 10% of dividends paid to companies resident in Cyprus as well as to non-resident withholding tax is not applied.
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Cyprus has signed 34 double taxation agreements that apply to 40 countries.

We can do the formation of your company in Cyprus and offer assistance at every stage of your business.

From the point of view of banking, Cyprus has numerous prestigious banks, we offer to our customers the best service for opening a bank account whitout the physical presence of the client. If you are looking for a professional cyprus company incorporator and have a bank account in a first class Cyprus bank, you are in the right place!

According to the Central Bank of Cyprus, the total collection of deposits, in 2011, rose to 69.9 billion euro ($ 95.6 billion) from the previous 58.2 billion in 2009. The deposits at the Bank of Cyprus Pcl, the largest institution on the island, grow up to 34% to EUR 19.8 billion in 2010, while Marfin Popular Bank, the second-largest bank, has increased of 20% to € 13.1 billion. The local branch of the National Bank of Greece SA, registered a growth of 63% to € 1.1 billion of deposits. Cyprus, in fact, applies a system of high confidentiality accounts held at their banks.
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For those who want to set up an investment fund the Cypriot law has adapted to European directives. An investment fund in Cyprus can have similar features to a UCITS, but with the ability to record the public offering and distribution in the European Union.

The Central Bank of Cyprus has set itself the objective of creating an instrument with a development similar to that adopted ten years ago in Dublin. Cypriot legislation is constantly changing and tends to conform to the European Directives in this field. The benefits of an investment fund in Cyprus is the choice of a jurisdiction recognized at level of the international community as a place of business safe and reputable. Cyprus has a long tradition of financial trading, and has developed over the last fifteen years, a wide and qualified network of financial services.

Cyprus is strongly linked, commercially and fiscally, the main European countries, particularly the United Kingdom. Another advantage of Cyprus are the low costs for the establishment of an investment fund. In particular, taxes and the cost of professional services are highly competitive. In addition, compared to other European jurisdictions, the Fund Act of Cyprus does not provide that the custodian bank must be located in Cyprus and therefore offers the choice of their banking partner. The legal security of the Fund is managed by the competent authorities of Cyprus, in particular the Central Bank of Cyprus.
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